Promoting Women’s Leadership

1. Interventions are needed to promote HIV-positive women’s access to funding to start and lead initiatives. Studies found that HIV-positive women’s networks lacked funding.

Gap noted globally (Paxton et al., 2004a; Paxton et al., 2004b; Manchester, 2004). 

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2. Interventions are needed to foster the involvement of HIV-positive women and promote cooperation between people living with HIV and AIDS and health care facilities, government and other agencies creating HIV-related programs and policies. Studies found that little cooperation existed between HIV-positive women and health facilities but that efforts have been underway to educate parliamentarians concerning HIV-positive women’s issues.

Gap noted, for example, in Asia and Africa (UNIFEM and ATHENA, 2010); Dominican Republic, Bangladesh and Ethiopia (IPPF et al., 2011); Ukraine (Yaremenko et al., 2004) and Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania (Parliamentarians for Women's Health, 2007).

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