Women Prisoners and Female Partners of Male Prisoners

This resource of the evidence on interventions is intended for use in combination with programming guidance on implementing interventions for women and girls. A number of key program guidance documents are identified in the introductory sections of each area in What Works. This resource is not meant to be a set of guidelines for gender-sensitive programming, as it does not cover what should be done; instead it documents practices for women and girls for which there is evidence of successful approaches. The interventions identified in this resource are generally not intended as stand-alone programs, but as components of integrated programming.

This evidence can be used in a number of ways:

For Policymaking:

Identify successful approaches for women and girls

Require gender analyses in national programming approaches

Monitor policy implementation against the successes and challenges in What Works

For Program Planning:

Identify key components of successful programming

Assess and modify interventions for cultural relevance, sustainability and scale up

Cross-reference these components with international guidance and protocols

Plan evidence-based programming for women and girls

Critically evaluate existing programming to add to the resource

Disaggregate data to look at women and girls' needs and responses

For Advocacy:

Advocate for evidence-based programming

Advocate for meeting the needs of women and girls

Advocate for filling the gaps

For Making Funding Decisions:

Evaluate portfolios to ensure efforts are rooted in evidence

Target funding to fill gaps

Evaluate grantee applications for evidence-based programming

For Research:

Incorporate gender analysis into all projects

Fill research gaps

For Students:

Learn about current efforts, challenges and successes in meeting the needs of women and girls

Incorporate gender dynamics into your future work

For All:

Gender equity is critical. Remember that women and girls are accompanied by men and boys. While women and girls have particular vulnerabilities to HIV, a healthy world requires attention to everyone's vulnerabilities.

Other Ideas? Contact usand let us know how you're using the evidence.